What made you want to be a developer?

What made you want to be a developer?

It is an article that highlights my journey towards becoming a developer and not as a developer. Hence a similar journey is what most of you would be facing.

Initial Breakthrough

My developer journey started during the lockdown when I didn't do anything productive as I had written my 12th exam and waited for the results the entire lockdown to get into college. So one fine day, I consulted my nephew who was the 2nd Year, B.Arch student told me about Udemy Platform where I could learn courses from almost all domains, and without any delay, I decided had purchased the The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python course. I had chosen this course as it was affordable and had positive reviews. I had completed the course with utmost enthusiasm and something attracted me to Python. My uncle had told me about the importance of foreign languages especially german, so parallelly I started learning German from Duolingo. This further tempted me toward German Tech companies.


What Tech?? Yes, you heard it right. The Python course and my previous knowledge of C++ during my school days have persuaded me toward technology. With this mindset, I joined my college, and thanks to online-mode for shaping the new me. I had explored a lot of different technologies and found my interest in domains like Data Science, ML, and Web Development.

Mid Way

I could call this a mid-way in my dev journey about the current me. With the knowledge gained, I participated in various events, and hackathons, and bagged prizes in many. This boosted my interest to contribute and learn more. But the ratio is 20:80 between winning and losing and wanted to make it vice-versa. This is where I came across lots of developers, communities, and events that shaped the now me. During this time I enrolled in various evangelists and ambassador programs that shaped my non-technical side as well. These were partly technical too as I had lots of perks and responsibilities being a part of these programs which helped me utilize the time I had to concentrate on all matters equally.


Nevertheless, you can't expect all things to go your way i.e. the switching to offline mode of colleges. This was bang on my head as I wasn't able to concentrate on a lot of things properly as most know the upper hand of having online classes😂🤪 So I had to withdraw many responsibilities as this was the first time I am going to the hostel, yes for the first time and couldn't focus on things properly. There was a break of around 2 months where I coded unevenly. The real flow of my dev journey had small speed breakers like these. So I decided to code more consistently and consume more time to overcome the stoppers. This is the same time where I went through imposter syndrome like any other dev would have had in his life.

Current Scene

Fresh.gif I had decided to start everything fresh as though I am a noob and began again. This time I felt better than my previous time as I came across Web Dev a lot unlike the last time and started exploring about it a lot. Also I dig deep into ML onto domains like Deep Learning, NLP etc. Also I had done a research internships, started publishing blogs, working on big projects, taken up big responsibilities. Nevertheless, my interest towards development didn't stop due to external factors which is a big gift to me. And have set my goals bigger and better for the ever continuing journey.

Feel free to express your journey as well because you try to track down a lot of things which happened during the past and cherish the days you were becoming a developer.

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