What have been the most helpful online tools to self-improve as a developer?

What have been the most helpful online tools to self-improve as a developer?


A developer in general tries to use almost all tools to be most productive at all times. In that way, he/she tests different tools for the same task and tries to use the most efficient tool. As a self-taught developer here is a list of some of the tools which are used by me, in general, many developers:


  • Notion📝: Flexible, user-friendly tool for beginners, pros, and organizations to keep track of all the content. Also, if you are a student notion offers pro membership using student email.
  • Slack, Discord💬: Most common connectivity apps used by any developer to stay in touch with communities and organizations.
  • Twitter⭐: A must-have social account by any developer as almost all developers are active here and we could get to know the latest things happening in the developer world, and be updated.
  • GitHub🆚: Version control management system to build, scale, and deliver secure software.
  • Postman📭: An API management, building, and testing platform and must-try tool if working on APIs.
  • VS Code🧑🏼‍💻: A personal choice due to a large number of integrations, plugins, continuous development in progress, and open-source.
  • Stackoverflow❔: Debug errors === StackOverflow, is a solution for almost all problems faced by developers around the world.
  • Freecodecamp📺: A free asset to explore, learn, and develop skills in a preferred tech stack.
  • Hashnode✍🏼: A blog is something very necessary to put your knowledge into text so that it helps others who were like you on the same page as yours.
  • Calendar: To keep track of your free time, check availability, and be punctual⌚ to all meetings😂
  • Documentation📃: Must be read before working on any new library, tool, or service.


This is a short and sweet blog as I wanted to focus on top-10 tools that help me improve my developer life efficiently. You could post any other tools that you use the most in the comments. Let's connect:

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