I want to build a Developer Portfolio because🤔

I want to build a Developer Portfolio because🤔


  • Every developer in their life would one day or another would love to showcase their projects, learnings, blogs, and content to the public.
  • Hence portfolios are a great way to display their expertise and knowledge to everyone.
  • Each developer tries to keep their portfolio unique so that it depicts their authenticity and defines the effort taken to build it.
  • Also in recent times, it gives the upper edge to getting shortlisted for jobs since each person has a different perspective and the most efficient way to exhibit all works done by self.

🏗️Building Portfolios

  • You could use any tech stack and frameworks of your choice like HTML, CSS, JS, React, TypeScript, etc.
  • There are also chances of using no-code platforms like Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, Duda, etc.
  • There are other developers who use an individual theme for mobile and app portfolios which is not quite common.
  • Some follow youtube tutorials and develop their own portfolio. But this is good in the initial stages but not recommended in the long run.
  • Some people use GitHub README and generate it as a static page or host it using GitHub pages to show it as their portfolio but this is not advisable as I have done the same in my initial stages and have faced backdrops due to them.


Best Practices

  1. Even though you have a basic knowledge of Web Dev or App Dev and have nothing much content to add to your portfolio it is recommended to follow a DIY strategy.
  2. This will help later when you gain content to add to the portfolio.
  3. Try to make the portfolio responsive to ensure everything is accessible as expected on all devices.
  4. Try to have these basic headers in your portfolio:
    • About Me
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Projects
    • Blogs
    • Tech Stack
    • Youtube (if you have a channel)
    • Resume
    • Certifications (given least priority unless or until it is worth mentioning)
  5. Add relevant links to projects, experiences, blogs, etc to exhibit the efforts that you have applied to build things.


There is a fact "You develop worthy projects in 3 days at a hackathon, but spend more than 3 months to develop a portfolio"🤣🤣🤣 This is the real truth and has seen many developers experiencing the same condition. But make sure that you have a developer portfolio to showcase at least at the right time of your career which will improve your prospects.